MMR 52nd Avenue

(₹ 7,500 - 27,906 per sqft)

1000 Units 4 Towers

Under Construction 

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  • Balcony
    Anti Skid Ceramic Tiles
  • Kitchen
    Vitrified Tiles 24 * 24
  • Living/Dining
    Vitrified Tiles 24 * 24
  • Master Bedroom
    Vitrified Tiles 24 * 24
  • Other Bedroom
    Vitrified Tiles 24 * 24
  • Toilet
    Ceramic & Anti Skid Tiles 8 * 8
  • Main Door
    Teak Wood Frame and Shutters, 3 Coats of Varnish with Teak Wood Flush
  • Electrical
    Concealed Copper Wiring with Standard Quality Fittings, Switches
  • Kitchen
    Granite Cooking Platform with Sink
  • Windows
    Designed Grills, Glazed Shutters with Pinhead Glass
  • Toilets
    IWC / EWC of Good Quality
  • Exterior
    Asian Ace Paint
  • Interior
    Oil Bound Distemper
  • Kitchen
    Glazed Tiles above the Cooking Platform up to minimum 3 ft Height
  • Toilets
    Glazed Tiles up to 7ft Height from Floor Level


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